Leah Ploumis - Certified Personal/Group Trainer + Bikini Athlete 

Leah is CPR/AED certified and is a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Group Fitness Instructor through AFFA, Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. She's also certified in Pilates, HIIT, Boot Camp, Body Sculpting and Teen Strength and Conditioning. Leah specializes in stretching and has worked with all ages and clients with multiple injuries and physical limitations.    

My Beach Body Rocks owner, Leah Ploumis, realized the importance of fitness and nutrition after gaining 40 pounds from her pregnancy.

As  a child, Leah wasn't educated on which foods were healthy and which weren't. "After I gained the weight, I felt tired and lethargic all the  time. This was a serious 'wake-up call' for me - I realized it was more  important than ever to start eating healthier foods, get in shape and  improve the overall quality of my life, not only for me, but for my  family." After losing 40 pounds, Leah's life purpose was redefined: to help others  improve their health, fitness, appearance and self confidence.

"I want to maximize their state of well being by helping them to change their lives."

As a Certified Personal Trainer for over 8+ years, Leah is all about transformations and living a happier, healthier lifestyle. Leah's transformation story has been featured on Iheart Radio in the “Healthy Aging and Summer Fitness” segments as well as being featured in multiple online publications.   

Leah has also been a Sponsored Athlete for companies such as SIX:02 and her Transformation Story has been featured on the Nuts N More website. She has worked multiple fitness events, as well as Charity Events and has also been featured on the cover of The Observer magazine at a “Surfers for Autism” event, as well. 

Leah trained and competed in NPC Anna Level and NPC Southern States competitions in 2012 and in Fitness Universe in 2016. She has also competed in multiple obstacle courses throughout the past few years. 

Leah also holds a Bachelor's Degree in Technical Management and an Associate's Degree in Computer Network Systems Technology.

Leah Ploumis believes that making small changes now will work wonders in the long term! 

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