I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the training sessions with you. Exercising is not one of my favorite things to do, but I find myself looking forward to the workouts. You are very encouraging and make me feel good about myself and my progress.
- Susan S. - Boynton Beach, FL

I  am so thrilled that Leah is my personal trainer. She is a true  professional. Leah is intent on making sure her clients reach their  goals. She loves challenging me with ever-changing exercises to work on  all areas. When I’m ready to stop, she will often say, “Give me 3  more!”  She also explains why I’m working an exercise the way I am and  how to tweak my position so that I maximize my efforts in the exercise.  This is something very difficult to do on your own. If that wasn’t  enough, Leah has a great, positive attitude which certainly helps get  through a challenging routine. I highly recommend Leah to anyone, new or  experienced to exercising, who is looking to do better and who wants  quicker results.

- Rachelle W. - Delray, FL

I am excited to have Leah for my personal trainer. She is an  outstanding professional who is highly knowledgeable. She is helping me  reach my workout goals. Leah is also a caring and upbeat person who is a  pleasure to work with. Leah is an expert on all the machines in our gym  and a stickler for making sure my form is correct. She watches my  technique like a hawk and corrects my form constantly in a very pleasant  way. As a former Managing Partner at one of the world’s largest firms, I  know great professionals when I see them. Leah is a great professional  and a great person. I enthusiastically recommend her to anyone who wants  to get in better shape.

- Todd W. - Delray, FL

I  have been training with Leah for a few months now. She is everything a  trainer should be. She is committed to making you be the best that you  can be and truly cares about her clients. 

- Jill S. - Delray, FL

I have been training with Leah for  6 weeks now and could not be  happier with her work on my results.  In addition to being a great  trainer, she is a great motivator, and is always available if I have any  questions.  The combination of working out together, along with her  meal plan has significantly helped me.  I’m a traveling business  professional, and Leah has taught me how to fit in a simple yet  effective workout while traveling,  as well as ways to eat better while  entertaining clients.  She always tells me “it’s not a diet, it’s a  lifestyle change” and through her education and support I’m achieving  that goal.  Thank you Leah!

 - Joe May - Deerfield Beach, FL

I began working with Leah subsequent to a severe riding accident which  shattered my hip.  After months of physical therapy, I was still unable  to get back on my horse without difficulty and pain, and worried that I  might have to give up riding.  I selected Leah as she is a premiere  trainer and had the background and education to guide me in  strengthening the muscles needed to safely engage in equestrian  activities again.  She gathered my input on goals and physical problems  and devised a training schedule.  I liked that she always had an  alternate plan to use if an activity was too difficult or painful to  execute.  She is enthusiastic, patient and encouraging.  After working  with her for 6 weeks, I am riding again pain free.  It is so wonderful  to see the progress that I have made under her instruction.  I look  forward to achieving more goals and to have enough confidence in my body  again to compete in a horse show.  Thank you, Leah, for your support  and help.  Look forward to our continuing relationship.
- Katie Buhle - Delray, FL

I suffered from a broken neck in July of 2015. It left me completely  paralyzed and after spending a month in the hospital and two months in a  rehab I came home in a wheelchair barely able to move. Slowly I began  to regain the use of my arms and legs. I was doing regular physical  therapy and occupational therapy But realized I needed more to expedite  my recovery and try to return to normalcy.

I found Leah and  her company on Google and contacted her and we immediately began a  regimen to help me regain the strength I lost do to the injury and the atrophy that had occurred all over my body, particularly my back and my  arms. Leah began a regimen of exercises that have helped me to regain  some of my balance and some of my strength and I continue to get  stronger after every session with her. 

Working out is not an easy  chore. But Leah continues to encourage me and to push me to my limits  because she knows this is the only way I'm going to get better. after  every exercise I laugh that I got through it and say thank you for  making me do it. She is a joy to work with and I will continue  exercising with her because she is the best personal trainer I have ever  worked with. Thank you Leah for helping me. It is truly appreciated.

- Joshua W. - Coconut Creek, FL

Leah  has been my Personal Trainer for the past month and I feel that she is  exceptional. I have always exercised, played sports and eaten healthy.  However, I've seen diminishing results of my exercising in recent times.  Leah is my first trainer and I chose her because she was able to  transform her body. I am very happy with Leah's training sessions,  energy, passion for what she does and knowledge. I have been inspired by  her and am very pleased by my results of the training sessions to date.  I encourage you to consider training with Leah!
- Bruce Schnittman - Hillsboro Mile, FL

Leah is the perfect personal trainer. She is so supportive and always  provides motivation. She is constantly changing up the workouts to  target different muscle groups and keep the workouts interesting. Leah  is professional and continues to learn both through her own personal  growth in fitness and in her career as a personal trainer. She has  enthusiasm for what she does and that is contagious. Leah is considerate  and understanding as well and never judges me based on my level of  fitness but pushes me to improve. I highly recommend Leah to anyone  looking to shape up.

- Erica Carr Betts (satisfied client) - Parkland, FL

How  do I begin…well let’s just say that I had been trying to get fit on my  own for a very long time, but without much success. I would start  working out, but would stop because I just didn’t have the drive or  motivation to consistently maintain a workout routine. I had the desire  and knew that I had to do something now! I was sick and tired of being  weak and out of shape (overweight). I knew I wasn’t healthy. I started  to think about my well-being and also my children and how important it  was for me to be healthy in order to have a chance to be with them and  to see them grow up. So I decided to look for a personal trainer. I did  an internet search and called a few companies that I saw, one being My  Beach Body Rocks. Out of all of the companies I called, Leah was the  only one that returned my call that very same evening. Little did I know  that connection was going to be the best thing to happen to me in a  while. I scheduled an appointment to do an introductory workout the very  next day. The workout was great! I liked my trainer’s methods and have  to say for the first workout I was impressed with Leah. We talked about  my goals and she helped me to understand the importance of my own  personal accountability to reach those goals. She taught me about good  nutrition and how to eat to attain and maintain those goals. After,  almost 4 weeks of working with Leah, I feel the best I’ve felt in years.  I’m more energetic, I have more mental clarity, feel more confident  about myself, and to top it off, I’ve already lost 11 pounds! I  constantly thank Leah for helping me because working with her has been  nothing but beneficial for me!

Thanks Leah!!

- Daidre Palmer-Mitchell – Tamarac, FL

The  person looking back at me in the mirror was saying you have to do  something now! I was sick and tired of being out of shape; I knew I  wasn’t healthy but were does one start. I found Leah at My Beach Body  Rocks online and made the call. After the initial consultation I signed  up for the 25 sessions and I will say after only 4 weeks I’ve lost 8  pounds, inches off my hips, waist and my body fat percentage decreased,  as well. I have tried to get in shape on my own but couldn’t stay  motivated. With Leah’s motivation, workout routines and dietary  suggestions I know I will obtain my goals.

- Christine Davis, Coconut Creek, FL

After  many years of sitting behind a desk I have lost strength, flexibility  and balance. After, almost 4 weeks of working with Leah my balance,  strength and flexibility has improved significantly. Leah’s workouts are  always different and challenging. Leah is what you want in a personal  trainer always on time and very professional and enthusiastic for  promoting a healthier lifestyle and she is always available if you have  questions. Thanks Leah!

- Patrick Paynter, Coconut Creek, FL 

Quick note to say how awesome the class was today. it was tough, but was so well thought out and organized. It was a great combination of  strength and stamina training. The pace was fast and fun finishing with a  great stretch. All in all, a fantastic class. One of the best I have  been at.

- Ciaran McCourt - Parkland, FL

Leah  is an amazing trainer always challenging you and never takes no for an  answer ... She made me realize my own strength .. Her workouts are  innovative and interesting as she keeps changing the exercises. No two  sessions are the same ... Love training with her .. She's unbelievable .  Her transformation is so motivating ...  Way to go Gal!  Wish to have a  body as great as yours ...

- Mamta Kantamneni - Parkland, FL

I first took Leah's SHRED class at the Parkland YMCA. She's a highly energetic instructor that has a well-structured class. Class environments can be difficult because everyone works out at a different pace. Leah is extremely motivating and challenges me to do my personal best but never is insulting or intimidating. Leah is very professional and enthusiastic for promoting a healthier lifestyle. She's an A+ personal trainer! 

- Pam Frigo Aks - Parkland, FL

Leah has been everything I could have hoped for a Personal Trainer  should be. She is kind, friendly and supportive throughout all the  workouts. Within just a brief period of time I have definately felt  major changes in my body. I feel stronger and have more energy. Leah has  provided me with the tools to be healthy and fit. I really love that  she encourages and motivates me, but also goes at your own pace in order  to build up endurance. Leah Ploumis is an excellent trainer that I  recommend to all ages who are looking to be healthy.    
- Carly Reyes - Coral Springs, FL

I  have been training with My Beach Body Rocks for almost 2 months and I  am so happy how my body is transforming! Leah works muscles in your body  you never even knew you had! I am very motivated to see more and more  results each week and I love when others notice the difference in my  body!  With Leah's experience in body transformations, I can tell you  that if you are looking to clearly see fast results then you must train  with Leah. Leah motivates me to try harder and keep up with my workouts  even when I feel I just can't continue.... to me this is what a great  trainer does...keeps you focused on results and perfects your form. I am  confident that I will finally have the body I have always wanted with  My Beach Body Rocks trainer by my side! Thanks Leah!!!

- Annie Miller - Parkland, FL

I  purchased a 25 session package. Leah is a wonderful trainer and a  lovely person. We worked hard, but also laughed a lot and she always  made me feel comfortable. I could never work with a trainer who yells to  motivate you. That just doesn't work for me. Although she is not  yelling at you, she definitely pushes you to your limit. Most important  she helped me to get back to working out and feeling good! I would  highly recommend, Leah.

- Gizel DiSorbo - Coral Springs, FL

Leah has been my personal trainer for a short time now following the  birth of my second child. The results I have achieved to date are  largely due to Leah's perfect combination of diverse training methods,  individualized exercise programs and challenging yet achievable goal  setting. Her professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic  commitment to her work, provides the perfect scenario for success and  sets foundations for a new healthier lifestyle! She knows just how and  when to encourage and when to push, though never too much.
- Theresa Booker - Margate, FL

I  needed a trainer that would understand my limitations, Leah not only  understood them she founds ways for me to work around them, thus always  getting in a complete workout. My fitness level increased greatly in  just a few sessions. Leah encourages you to work harder than you ever  thought possible and to enjoy every minute of it. She is always on time,  professional, enthusiastic and has a great personality. I highly  recommend Leah to anyone that is serious about getting their body and  fitness level back on track.
- Madeleine Campbell - Lighthouse Point, FL

Leah  ROCKS!! After just 8 sessions with her I lost a dress size and 6  pounds, and I never felt better! Leah is flexible, dedicated,  challenging, upbeat, motivating and keeps your workout sessions  interesting. She is also very knowledgeable and teaches you valuable  tips and tricks of fitness and weight loss. Leah is an excellent trainer  and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to lose weight and  get fit! I look forward to continued success with her.
- Julie Joseph - Coconut Creek, FL

I needed to get back in shape and so I got myself a trainer. Leah  turned out to be more than I expected from a trainer. She came to me,  worked around my schedule, was always on time, listened to my needs and  worked on them. I have gotten back in shape, and I LOOOVE my exercise  time!! Highly recommended if you truly want to change the way you feel!

 - Carolina Ploumis - Coral Springs, FL

Leah,  you are an awesome trainer! I love that you work with me and still push  me to do better and more! I feel great and notice my energy is up and  more positive every time I train with you. Thank you so much!! See you  again soon! 
- Angie Q. - Boca Raton, FL

Leah is a great trainer and motivator. If you need a kick butt no nonsense workout, she is the one to see!"
- Tracy Schlesinger Hibshman - Parkland, FL

Leah  has been a great at teaching me in group classes. Always giving us new  workouts and giving us that extra push when we need it. I have enjoy  taking Leah's boot camp classes and will keep going!!

- Erica Huber - Parkland, FL

I've  been training with Leah for a few months now. I can say that she always  keeps me motivated and focused on my goals. She is very professional  and really knows her stuff. I would recommend her to anyone looking for  guidance to a healthy life style-to more serious killer training, as she  would say herself! 

- Melisse Oliveras - Parkland, FL